A lost Love

What is love? Have you ever experienced love? When you love someone, you have a great deal of compassion for them. The longing to be linked to that person introduces additional elements into your connection, such as emotional intimacy, passion, and the desire to know everything about them and in return to be known by them. Have you ever been betrayed by someone you loved the most? What should you do if someone doesn't reciprocate the love you give them? Love is a two-way traffic. But there are those who love to be loved but don’t give back the same energy. Such people find it difficult to let others go, they know they are not good for them but they’d rather see them getting hurt than let them go.

Our topic for today is the riveting story of David and Lesley's relationship.


Daniel and Lesley met while they were still in college. Daniel loved her deeply and even dreamed of marrying her. On the other hand, Lesley kept pushing Daniel away, convinced that she was not good enough for him. No matter how hard she tried, he remained consistent in his love for her. In an attempt to push him away, Lesley intentionally indulged in smoking and drinking in front of him. When they hung out together, she would call other guys and openly flirt with them in his presence. Despite all her provocations, Daniel chose to stay by her side.

One day, something changed. Lesley had a conversation with Daniel where she expressed her willingness to clean up her act and take their relationship seriously. Their relationship appeared to be on the mend until Daniel stumbled upon a shocking revelation – Lesley had betrayed him. She was dating four other guys at the same time she was dating him. When these four men discovered the truth, they decided to confront her, and they asked Daniel to join them. Daniel found himself torn between conflicting emotions. Lesley had hurt him deeply, but he still loved her and couldn't bear the thought of her getting hurt. He also harbored a desire for revenge because she had led him on.

Is love complicated? Love should not be complicated, and if your relationship is, it may be a sign that you are not meant to be together. In Daniel's case, his unwavering love for Lesley was tested repeatedly. Lesley had made it clear to him that they should not be together due to her troubled past. Despite her persistent efforts to push him away, Daniel remained resolute in his pursuit of their relationship. It's worth asking, should he have stepped back from their relationship? Why do most relationships fail? David loved her, but she did not feel the same way, which ultimately led to their relationship's downfall. Lesley's betrayal with not one, but four other men, raises questions about her motives. Was it because of her past? If she knew she was going to hurt Daniel, should she have simply ended things with him rather than leading him on?

David is portrayed as a nice guy who wouldn't allow Lesley's past to come between them. So, what should he do now? Should he give up on her? Perhaps David should consider letting her go. If he truly loves her, he should warn her about the consequences of her actions and have an open conversation to understand her underlying problems. This might be the best course of action if he genuinely cares for her.

God's Love for Jerusalem

Now, let's turn to a different tale of love, betrayal, and redemption found in the book of Ezekiel, chapter 16:1-58. In this story, the Lord sends the prophet Ezekiel to deliver a message to the people of Jerusalem. The Lord is furious with Jerusalem for her unfaithfulness.

The Lord had once delivered Jerusalem from misery, clothing her, loving her, and making her beautiful. In return, she began to trust in her beauty and became unfaithful to God. Her actions turned ungodly as she engaged in sexual sins, worshiped idols, sacrificed her children to false gods, used her jewelry to create idols, and even built altars for these false deities. God's anger towards Jerusalem is palpable, and He promises to punish her for all her terrible deeds, vowing to treat her as she treated Him. Jerusalem had broken their sacred marriage vows.

However, there is a glimmer of hope in this story. In the end, God chooses to show mercy to Jerusalem. Despite her betrayals and sins, He promises to make her pure again, and she will no longer feel shame.


The stories of David and Lesley, as well as Jerusalem's unfaithfulness to God, remind us of the complexities of love, betrayal, and redemption. While David faces a difficult decision regarding his relationship with Lesley, God's choice to show mercy to Jerusalem offers hope and a chance for redemption.

Five Intriguing Questions:

  1. How should Daniel navigate the complexities of his relationship with Lesley, considering her past and her betrayal?
  2. Is it possible for love to conquer all, even in the face of betrayal, as seen in David's unwavering affection for Lesley?
  3. In the story of Jerusalem's unfaithfulness to God, what lessons can we draw about the nature of human relationships and divine forgiveness?
  4. Can true love and forgiveness overcome past mistakes and betrayals, as exemplified by God's mercy towards Jerusalem?
  5. What role does self-awareness and open communication play in resolving complicated relationships, whether in human connections or with a higher power like God?