Blog on Bloodline


King Jasper’s father passed on during the early war since Jasper was his only son, he took over after his death. Jasper has two daughters but no son. He can no longer have more children as his wife passed on due to an unknown sickness and he does not want to re-marry.  His kingdom will be safe as long as he produces an heir who will take over him. If he fails to do so, his two daughters would be killed and people would fight to take over his kingdom. You being his eldest daughter fear that this would happen, as it has several times throughout history. Your younger sister asks you to have sexual relations with your father so that you can bear him a son and prevent this from happening.  She later tells you that she would do the same to increase the chances of you guys bearing a son. Your father is getting older hence you need to make a decision fast before he dies.


What is the definition of bloodline? From the scriptures do you know the story of Lot and his daughters? How they tricked him so that they could maintain their lineage? Would you go through with your sister's plans? Many societies have their own culture and customs, to some communities having sexual relations with relatives is allowed but to some, it is condemned and those who do so are considered to be outcasts. In my community having sexual relations with a relative is considered to be a sin and there are severe punishments that come from doing that, There are some things that are worse than death, and going against your customs and beliefs so that your life may be spared is outrageous. Dust you are and dust you will return. The scriptures say that whoever tries to save his life will lose it. It is not worth it to go against your beliefs so that you can keep your wealth, power, and prestige. If Jasper loved his wife he should save his daughter's life by getting remarried. As his firstborn daughter, you should remind him of the events that may take place if he decides not to have a son. He should consider his family and his kingdom. A good king serves his kingdom by ensuring that there is peace in his region. If getting remarried will prevent a war for his throne, he should definitely remarry, as this will not only maintain peace among his subjects but also prevent his daughters from getting killed. What's your take on this topic? Join the host and his panel as they delve into this intriguing topic.