Boy Wonder

Miles' parents have always wanted him to live a normal life despite him getting national recognition for playing basketball. This year they decide to take him to Dynasty kingdom, a made up themed park for vacation. Miles' family arrived at the park at 10.00 am and took part in some activities together. When Miles asks for permission to go ride the roller-coaster, they both agree to let him go and since he was tall enough to get on the ride by himself, his mother tells him that they were going to wait for him at the exit side of the ride.  While in line for the ride, Miles gets distracted by the basketball court as he sees people of all ages playing basketball, so he decides to join them. Hours went by and Miles never showed up at the exit as his parents expected him to. They got worried and began to search for him, after hours of searching they overhear people praising him on how good he is at basketball. When they get to the court they find him playing basketball with other people.

What do you think was going on in his parents mind when they were looking for him?

Miles should have informed his parents that he was going to play basketball so that they wouldn’t have been worried sick about him. Children nowadays are not safe in public places as some people have bad intentions with them. Hence they should be kept in sight at all times. Parents should also educate their children on the dangers of roaming around in public places. They have to emphasize to them that a lot of terrible things might happen to them if they go wandering off. Miles' parents should wait until he finishes the game before they lecture him for not informing them about where he was going to be, they should tell him not to repeat what he has done again.

How do you discipline your child when they don’t follow instructions?

Should Miles be punished for disobeying his parents?

Some parents would have forgotten how mad they were when they saw that their boy was getting praises for being a good basketball player. What’s your take on this? Would you be proud of him or would you be upset with him? Miles should always follow his parent’s instructions in the future in order to avoid such situations.