Cancer Awareness

Janelle is a successful business owner who runs a hair salon. Because her business is doing great she decides to bring in a new employee named Donna, before Danna started working for her, her employees and their clients used to enjoy a peace and quiet environment at the salon. The atmosphere changed and Janelle and her other employees lost most of their clients since Donna’s clients would come in the salon and cause drama. They were very loud, rude, cursed a lot and often reeked of weed, which made the other clients uncomfortable. When Janelle approaches Donna about the situation, Donna responds ignorantly. The other employees ask Janelle to fire Donna or else they would quit and look for another place to work. This leaves Janelle in a tough situation as she has to decide between firing Donna and losing her other workers.

Every business has its own rules and regulations that every employee must adhere to. Customers or clients also have to obey the rules which are also set for them when they enter a business premises. It is advisable for business owners to display the rules on the walls for everyone to see so that when one misbehaves in the premises they will be escorted out for misbehaving.

Would you risk losing your business because of an employee? 

A farmer always removes weeds from his cultivated field so that he can get high yields of the crops. This is the same as cancer, if not treated well it will spread and destroy the body tissues which may lead to death. Janelle should find a way to solve this situation of hers or else she will no longer have a business to run. If Donna’s clients can’t abide by the rules, then she’ll just have to find another place to work. It is her responsibility to make sure that her clients don’t interfere with the peace of other clients at the salon. Being loud and using vulgar words is not acceptable  in any business premises .It doesn’t matter how much money her clients bring to the salon, at the end of the day she is the only one who is making something out of it, at the expense of her colleagues. Janelle being the business owner has to step up and fire her if her clients can’t behave at the business place. She cannot risk this affecting her business and her reputation and also at the same time lose her other loyal workers.