Count the Cost

Donna and her best friend Marissa just graduated from law school and are now entering their legal jobs. Donna works for a law firm called Birch law and Marissa just got hired and works for the J And J law firm. The two firms are direct rivals and they both have rules that state that no member working for any of the firms should interact with one another, but should instead hate each other as the firms fight against each other in court. Donna takes this lightly and after a few weeks of work she contacts Marissa to see how she’s doing at her new job. Marissa ignores Donna’s calls as she does not want their friendship to interfere with her career .Marissa tells you that the only way her and Donna’s friendship would continue is if Donna quits working for the J and J law firm. You, being both of their friends, plan to deliver this news to Donna during your lunch date.

What response are you anticipating Donna to have to this information?

If there ever comes a situation where you have to choose between your best buddy and your career what would you do?

People put so much effort into achieving their goals that I don't believe they would allow anyone to stand in their way. Best friends always want to see each other win in this life, would you let your best friend pick you over their career? Or would you be mad if they picked their career over you? Donna and Marissa can always choose to go against those rules and be friends in secret without the two firms finding out. They can always choose to separate their work life from their private life and not disclose any private information about their jobs. If they choose to do this, would they be going against their work ethics? They both knew from the start the consequences of accepting to work at the firms hence they should respect each other’s decisions. If Marissa chooses to cut all ties with Donna in order to secure her job, Donna should understand this and not question her at all. Since Marissa knows that it has been both their dreams to work at the law firm, she should not ask Donna to give up her career so that they can continue being friends, this is quite selfish of her. If it’s true their bond is strong they should each follow their paths and if their friendship was legit they will always find a way to reconnect with each other in the future.