Family Ties


April and Barnabas are married and have two children. Their firstborn son is called Barnabas Junior and he is married to Silvia. You are married to their youngest son Bryson. You and Silvia left your native countries to follow your husbands. You both come from poor families whom you can financially assist as you are now married to a wealthy family. During the war, Barnabas leaves his family to go fight for his people. Unfortunately, after six months of fighting, he ends up getting killed. The same thing happens to his sons. They end up dying during the war. You and Silvia love your mother-in-law very much. After April lost her husband and sons, she gives you ladies three options. The first option is to return to your father's house, the second option is to follow her wherever she goes, and if she ends up having children you would get married to one of them and maintain all the wealth. but if she fails to do so she would give you blessings to marry someone else. Lastly, you could depart from her as a widow and let men take advantage of you. Silvia packs her belongings and goes back to her father’s house.

What would be your decision? Would you leave April?

April is still young she’s only 34 years old, and she may find someone else to marry her. Waiting for her to give birth to other children so that I may marry one of them is creepy. I would stay with her but I would not marry any of her future children. She’s all alone now and I sympathize with her. If I stay with her she’ll have someone to lean on. I left my country to be with her family what's the point of going back? If I get a suitor along the way she is going to hand me over to him and bless my marriage. Would you go back to your father's house? Going back to your parent's place is like starting from scratch you have already moved on with your new family. And it wouldn’t be fair to leave her alone, as she has no one. If she has relatives and wants to go back to them then I wouldn’t follow her. I’d like to go my own way but since it's not safe I’d rather stay with her or go back to my father's place. If you were in this situation during such times what would you have done?