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Marriage and Divorce

Josh and Diana's love story began when they were just kids, attending the same elementary school. As they grew up together, their bond deepened, and they made a pact that once they turned 18, they would marry and start a family of their own. However, their decision to marry at such a young age would prove to be more challenging than they had ever imagined.

Against the wishes of their families, who cautioned them against rushing into marriage, Josh and Diana decided to elope and tie the knot behind everyone's back. Their love was strong, but they were young, and perhaps they didn't fully understand the gravity of their decision. Fast forward ten years and the cracks in their relationship began to show. Josh, now 28, started to resent the commitment he had made when he was just 18. He felt he had made the wrong choice that he no longer loved Diana, and he could no longer stand being in the marriage. On the other hand, Diana still loved him deeply and was determined to make their marriage work, believing in the commitment they had made to each other and to God.


If you were friends with either Josh or Diana, what advice would you give them and why?

The situation that Josh and Diana find themselves in is undoubtedly challenging. They made a hasty decision to get married at a very young age when they might not have been equipped to make such a life-altering choice. It's essential to consider their options carefully. Given their commitment to their marriage, they should consider marriage counseling as a first step. A trained counselor can help them navigate their issues and find ways to reconnect and rebuild their relationship. Josh and Diana need to have open and honest conversations about their feelings and concerns. Understanding each other's perspectives and needs is crucial in any relationship. They should also take some time for self-reflection. What are the root causes of their dissatisfaction? Is it truly the marriage or other external factors influencing their emotions? While they initially went against their families' wishes to get married, it might be beneficial to seek their advice and support now. Family can often provide valuable insights and emotional support during difficult times. Diana's belief in their commitment before God is significant. They should consult with a spiritual leader or clergy member to seek guidance on how to honor their vows and find a path forward.


Biblical Perspective on Divorce

In the book of Malachi, chapter 2:13-16, the Lord's views on divorce are made clear. The passage states, "You can cover the Lord's altar with tears, but the Lord will not accept your gifts, he will not be pleased with the things you bring to him because the Lord saw the evil things you did, he saw you cheat on your wife. You have been married ever since you were young; she was your girlfriend."


This passage emphasizes that God desires husbands and wives to become one body and one spirit, to have holy children, and to protect that spirit. It also explicitly states that God hates divorce and the cruel actions that men may take in their relationships.


What lessons can we derive from this chapter in Malachi?

The primary lesson is that divorce is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. This emphasizes the importance of Josh and Diana making every effort to resolve their issues and reconcile rather than hastily considering divorce.


In conclusion, Josh and Diana's story highlights the complexities of commitment and the challenges that can arise when making life-altering decisions at a young age. While their situation is undoubtedly difficult, they should explore every avenue to salvage their marriage, as divorce is seen as undesirable from a biblical perspective.


Let's ponder some intriguing questions about their story:

  • How might Josh and Diana's lives have been different if they had heeded their families' advice and waited to get married?
  • Is it possible for two people who married young and grew apart to rebuild their relationship and find love again?
  • What role does personal growth and maturity play in the success of a marriage, especially when one marries at a very young age?
  • Can a commitment made in haste and without full understanding stand the test of time and changing circumstances?
  •  How can faith and spirituality be a guiding force in resolving marital issues, as exemplified by Diana's commitment before God?