Parental Approval

Choosing the Right Life Partner

Choosing a life partner is one of the most significant decisions one can make in life. It's a decision that involves not only your heart but also your mind, values, and compatibility with your future goals. For Gerald, a professor at a law school, this decision has become a perplexing challenge as he finds himself dating three remarkable women, each with her unique qualities and aspirations. In this blog post, we explore the intricate dynamics of parental approval and the factors Gerald should consider when making his choice.

Ariel: The Career-Driven Christian

Ariel, the first woman in Gerald's life, is a Christian with a thriving career as a lawyer in a prestigious law firm. Her ambition is undeniable, and she has made it clear that her partner should earn more than her. She values her career immensely and is willing to have children as long as they don't interfere with her professional life. Ariel's determination is admirable, but will Gerald be able to match her drive and adapt to her demanding schedule?

Lauren: The Dedicated Police Officer and Mother

The second woman, Lauren, is a dedicated police officer with a son from a previous relationship. Her commitment to her job is unwavering, and she has been candid about the fact that her work may often keep her away from home. Gerald must contemplate whether he can handle the responsibility of becoming a stepfather and the challenges that come with it. Lauren's devotion to her profession and her son is admirable, but can Gerald embrace this unique family dynamic?

Latrell: The Aspiring Housewife and Child Advocate

Lastly, there's Latrell, who dreams of becoming a housewife and is passionate about adopting children. She works as an administrator at her church and envisions a life centered around her family. Gerald needs to assess whether he is financially stable to support a family and whether he shares Latrell's desire to adopt children. The prospect of being a parent through adoption carries its own set of responsibilities, and Gerald must decide if he is ready for this commitment.

The Power of Parental Approval

In this complex scenario, Gerald turns to his parents for guidance and approval. Their input is invaluable, as they provide an external perspective on the women he is considering as potential life partners. While the decision ultimately rests with Gerald, parental approval can offer clarity and insight into how these relationships may evolve over time.

Questions to Ponder

  1. Can Gerald keep up with Ariel's ambitious career-driven lifestyle, and is he willing to prioritize her career alongside his own?
  2. Is Gerald prepared to embrace the role of a stepfather and support Lauren in her demanding job as a police officer?
  3. Does Gerald share Latrell's vision of a family centered around being a housewife and adopting children, and is he financially prepared for this responsibility?
  4. What are the core values and life goals that matter most to Gerald in a life partner, and do any of the women align closely with them?
  5. Ultimately, how will Gerald's decision affect his own personal growth and happiness, and how does he envision his future with each of these remarkable women?


As Gerald contemplates his future with Ariel, Lauren, or Latrell, he faces a challenging decision that will shape his life in profound ways. The power of parental approval provides valuable insight into how these relationships may unfold, but it's Gerald's own heart and aspirations that will guide him in making the right choice. Whomever he chooses, it's crucial that his decision aligns with his values, goals, and capacity to nurture a fulfilling and harmonious relationship.