Raising Samuel

They once showed you love that you thought was genuine. Would your world crumble knowing the truth was hidden from you for a very long time?

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Samuel’s roller coaster of a ride

In a family of 5, Samuel has 2 brothers and two sisters, he is the middle child. A few weeks after his father’s passing, the lawyer called the family to talk about his father’s will, and the family got together to talk about it. Samuel received a call from her mother informing him of an important news. She told Samuel that he would not be receiving any money from his father’s will because “You are not your father’s child.”

How would you feel if you were Samuel?

Samuel has all the right to be confused, mad, sad, surprised and all the valid feelings he would feel from the news his mother just told him. Kept in the dark for too long that nobody even dared to tell him would feel like the world is crushing on you asking why all this happens. Samuel was still grieving. He was treated as a true son, showing him love from the very start. Hearing this news makes him question all the love that he felt. He is the fruit of an anonymous sperm donation. He was a miracle baby at birth. 

I’m in every picture in every event of the family. I was loved. These people provided me with all that I have right now. Should I be thankful and let the news worry about itself? How will I see my mother knowing they find the truth about me? After all those years. Is death necessary before all this truth comes out? What type of love is that? These might be Samuel’s thoughts when the news comes in.

Losing the people you love is painful. Watching them cut you off is a painful heartbreak. Your siblings eventually drift away from you. Being with the people whom you grew up with realizing all the memories was a lie. All the time spent and love that was shown was a mask that already fell off. After death, truth unveils itself. After the news came, Samuel wasn’t really considered a part of the family after they pretended he was. Samuel has the right to know the truth, whatever reason the parents have. It would never be an excuse to hide a part of his life and not be responsible about it. He needed to know the truth as that is a part of his life. It is disrespectful to not unveil the truth in someone else’s life and wait for someone to spill the news aside from the person who’s included on the decision way back. Consequences are responsibilities of the people that need to be faced head on. Irresponsibility will be someone’s suffering.

The death of his father unveils the love they have for Samuel. It was all a lie. Samuel not receiving an inheritance from his father just reveals everything he should know. Money was just used as a means of disrespect and intent of the so-called family.

He wasn’t treated as family. Does loving someone justify the way Samuel was kept in the dark?


Family members tend to be treated equally, right? If her mom does love Samuel truly, his pain is her pain as well. Breaking the news into Samuel will crash her heart also. She does have the courage to say the truth that would hurt Samuel but didn’t initiate an action that wouldn’t hurt her son. There’s so many ways to not hurt someone you love, it’s by making any way possible to not initiate pain to someone who just lost his dad, the one he knew growing up, spent a lot of time together. Made childhood memories and something to look back at until he closed his eyes to rest. The saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s a way” says a lot about our story today. People not thinking about what the future might bring aren't prepared to face bumpy roads ahead of them. Irresponsible parents need to be called out on these doings. Your son, daughter’s pain is yours too, since they were raised and loved by you. Let us be responsible for the things our children should know and be aware of. 

Bottom-line is, hiding the truth from someone who deserves it will never justify the love you have for them. It will always be questioned. As God says in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.”

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