Blog Post On Should I get a Divorce?

In the journey of life, many couples encounter challenges that test the very foundations of their marriage. When faced with these trials, the question of whether to pursue a divorce can be agonizingly complex. Tonight, we delve into this intricate topic with a live panel discussion, featuring our regular guests and a special guest from the Philippines. Our aim is to engage in a meaningful dialogue that explores the multifaceted aspects of divorce.

The Biblical Perspective

To start, let's turn to the Bible. In Matthew 19:4-6, it is written, "Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, 'Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate." According to these verses, God's union between a man and a woman is sacred and should not be severed by human hands. The Bible acknowledges only two justifiable reasons for divorce: abandonment by an unbeliever or sexual immorality.

Do you personally believe there are other valid reasons for divorce beyond those outlined in the Bible?

Matthew 5:32 further emphasizes the gravity of divorce, stating that anyone who divorces his wife forces her to be guilty of adultery. It implies that when challenges arise in a marriage, confession, reconciliation, and restoration should be the initial steps to foster a harmonious relationship.

A Heart-Wrenching Dilemma

Let us consider a poignant scenario. Meet Tyrone, Donna, and their son, TJ Jr. Theirs was a happy family until the day they received the devastating news that young TJ Jr. had a life-threatening heart condition, necessitating an urgent heart transplant. This news shook the very core of their beings. To save their son's life, they turned to their church for help, and through their community's generosity, TJ received the life-saving transplant. However, a new challenge emerged: the long-term cost of TJ's medications, a financial burden they might not sustain. In their hour of desperation, a financial advisor proposed an unconventional solution—divorce. The state provides support to single parents, and with this option, TJ's medications wouldn't pose a financial hurdle for the rest of his life. Now, put yourself in Tyrone's shoes. Would you contemplate divorce as a viable option in the face of this overwhelming struggle as TJ's father? What advice would you offer to Donna and Tyrone, knowing their heart-wrenching predicament?

A Mother's Dilemma

As parents, most mothers would likely choose divorce over signing their child's death certificate. The anguish and guilt that mothers might feel, believing they didn't exhaust every avenue to prolong their child's life, can be overwhelming. The idea of divorce may become a lifeline, driven by the desperate need to secure the best possible future for their child.

This dilemma highlights the clash between our human principles and the sacred institution of marriage as defined by God. While we may view marriage as a divine union that should never be severed, the presence of a child in the equation can profoundly alter our perspective. The bond between parents and children is a profound one, often transcending even the sanctity of marriage. The prospect of losing a child can lead us to make choices that we might not have contemplated otherwise, questioning whether God's message lies in our decisions.

Trust in God's Plan

It is essential to remember that God has the power to make the impossible possible. He can restore, heal, and renew any marriage and relationship. In moments of profound confusion, when we cannot fathom why certain events have transpired, it is an opportunity to trust in God's wisdom. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we are tested to see if we are living our lives in accordance with God's will.

Given all that has been discussed, would you still consider divorce as a viable option in the face of such dire circumstances?


  1. What do you believe are the limits of sacrifice within a marriage, especially when a child's life is at stake?
  2. How can faith and spirituality guide couples through the tumultuous journey of marital challenges?
  3. Should society be more understanding and supportive of parents facing financial hardships due to medical expenses?
  4. What role does empathy play in making decisions that impact not just a marriage but an entire family?
  5. Can love truly conquer all obstacles, even those that seem insurmountable within the confines of marriage?