Thankful Thinking

In a world where materialism and temptation often cloud our judgment, one man's choice to uphold honesty and integrity shines as a beacon of thankful thinking. Meet Jared and Melissa, a married couple with two children, who found themselves facing a moral dilemma at the mall one fateful day. As we delve into their story, we'll explore the importance of making ethical choices and being thankful for the values that guide our actions.

The Discovery

Jared, Melissa, and their two children embarked on a routine trip to the mall, a seemingly ordinary day that would soon turn extraordinary. While Melissa ventured into Macy's to search for a new dress, Jared was tasked with babysitting their young ones outside the store. Little did he know, his life was about to take an unexpected turn.

As Jared watched over his children, their playful antics led to an encounter with an unattended duffle bag. His son, full of youthful curiosity, stumbled upon the bag, prompting Jared to intervene swiftly. However, what he discovered inside left him utterly bewildered - a substantial sum of money, neatly stacked in the bag.

In that moment, Jared faced an ethical crossroads. The allure of newfound wealth beckoned, but he knew deep down that taking something that didn't belong to him was a terrible idea. Instead of succumbing to temptation, he chose the path of honesty and integrity. He carefully closed the bag and walked away, determined to do the right thing.

Melissa emerged from Macy's, empty-handed but unaware of the treasure trove Jared had stumbled upon. As they continued their mall excursion, Melissa decided she wanted to purchase the dress she had tried on earlier. They returned to Macy's, and to Jared's surprise, the bag still lay unclaimed.

The Righteous Decision

Jared realized that the bag's continued presence was more than just a coincidence. His instincts told him that there must be a story behind the cash he had found. Deciding to act responsibly, he told Melissa he would take the kids to the car as she made her dress purchase. In the parking lot, he called the police, providing them with a detailed account of the situation and his contact information, just in case the owner came forward.

Upon reuniting with his wife, Jared shared the incredible discovery and his decision to involve the authorities. Melissa, tempted by the notion of newfound riches, considered keeping the money. However, Jared persuaded her to wait, emphasizing the importance of returning the money to its rightful owner and the possibility of a reward as a token of appreciation.

Is this windfall of money a blessing from a higher power? Jared firmly believed otherwise. The money belonged to someone, and it was more likely that they had misplaced the bag than intentionally left it behind. It's essential to remember that taking someone's property and considering it a blessing is morally dubious. Jared's steadfast commitment to doing what was right served as a powerful reminder that blessings come from actions rooted in goodness and virtue.

Reward and Gratitude

Should Jared expect a reward if the owner reclaims their bag? The answer to this question hinges on the owner's disposition. Perhaps the money held a critical purpose, and they may not have extra funds for a reward. If they choose to express gratitude with a reward, that's wonderful, but if not, Jared should not feel disheartened. His reward lies in the knowledge that he acted with integrity and honesty, values that far outweigh any material gain.

Have You Faced a Similar Dilemma?

In life, we all encounter moments that test our moral compass. Have you ever found yourself in a situation akin to Jared's, where you had to make a difficult ethical choice? How did you handle it, and what were the outcomes?

Intriguing Questions:

  1. What would you have done if you were in Jared's shoes? Would you have chosen honesty over temptation?
  2. Do you believe in the concept of blessings in disguise, or do you agree with Jared that true blessings come from virtuous actions?
  3. In your opinion, is it ever justifiable to keep money or valuables found in a public place?
  4. Have you ever personally experienced or witnessed an act of honesty or integrity that left a lasting impression on you?